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I looove watching tv shows!
My guilty pleasure is Castle.I have a serious case of OCD(You know what I mean).I'm a Stanatic.:)So mainly,this would be a Castle blog;)
I also love:
-The Mentalist
-Pretty Little Liars
-The Vampire Diaries
-Grey's Anatomy
-Rizzoli and Isles
-Game of Thrones
-New Girl
-The Mortal Instruments
-Game of Thrones
-The Lizzie Bennet Diaries
-Once Upon A Time
-Criminal Minds
-How I Met Your Mother
-Saving Hope
-Cougar Town
-The Hunger Games
-10 things I hate about you
-The Harry Potter series
-Gilmore Girls
-Pushing Daisies
If I ruled the world someday,I would make reading detective novels and eating mint chocolate a lifestyle. ;) I am also addicted to chips and I love music.
I love meeting great people,that's why I joined Tumblr.So don't be shy,ask me anything,tell me everything you want,approach me.:)


16 September 14

Sleepy Hollow (1x03)

"The things one most tries to hide are often the things most easily seen."

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People will whisper. They’ll make their jokes. Let them. They’re all so small I can’t even see them. I only see what matters.

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Kate Beckett outfits in Season 6. (part 4)

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favorite characters: Hermione Granger (The Harry Potter series)

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All roads lead me back to you.

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Game of Thrones meme: Eight friendships and/or otps [3/8]

↳ Catelyn and Brienne

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The Avenger’s Cast in Empire’s The 100 Sexiest Movie Stars [x]

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15 September 14

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 (x)

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Themed by Hunson. Originally by Josh